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BirdsEye Presentation - 11/21/09 - Conclusion by Mac Bell

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33 Commercial Street Before/After
Rehab – credibility 20,000sf
1906 – Great grandfather – oil skins
Grandfather made Macinaws, father and uncles made Mighty Mac.
I bought in 1986 – My first project.

BirdsEye – Spring ‘09
In the spring of this year, I made two important phone calls and bought the most significant and exciting professional challenge of my life to date.
At present, we have an obsolete manufacturing facility.
40,000sf of damp and dismal space – a challenged cold storage freezer facility,
300,000 cubic feet at 10 degrees below zero.

We’re inviting all of you to tour the property. However, we could not get permission to his insurance company to bring people through its freezer facility.
Not effected by Ch. 91 or DPA
Committed to maintain an industrial component, 20,000sf
Commercial can be creative, diverse and enriching, requiring many parking spaces.
Parking spaces are $. Construction is $.
Enter the reality of the need/opportunity for housing – cooperative live/work, creative space for people who can appreciate living downtown and love being a part of this eclectic working neighborhood.
Deed restricted access – 24/7, 365 – rent or buy.

Mixed Use – Diversity – Vitality - Sustainability
We have had some great input.
The greasy pole hall of fame
The integration of fiesta futures
Project Adventure Museum School
Int’l Dory Committee/Club- Cape Ann Sailing Club
Future farmers market
The mercato concept/ Vendors, seasonal, textiles, antique
The Torpedo Art Factory in Alexandria Virginia
Ryan & Wood Distillery and Fisherman’s Brew
Theatrical space, music space
The creation of a piazza w/ public access to Pavilion Beach
The Pavilion beach/kayak/swim/sail & health club
A Marine Underwater Education Center
Marine Construction & Cable Company
A green grocer
Live/Work space, residential for rent and/or to buy, coop-style investment so as to diversify and enjoy the beauty of this amazing property - 3 acres facing south with 360 degree views of the outer harbor and inner harbor.

Wind Power Observation Tower Harbor Pier

In the neighborhood of BirdEye we have some great neighbors: Fisherman’s Brew,
Fort Square Café,
Mystery Train,
the Café Sicilia, and the soon to be opened, the Intershell Fish Market.
Times are certainly challenging.
These dreams, hopes, visions are just that until we (yes WE) make them a reality.
Your participation here today is part of what Gloucester IS all about.
If what we’ve touched upon, if some of the concepts and ideas hit home, if mixed use and diversity and vitality resonate for you as a resource for US, then you are not only invited, you are necessary – a necessary part of creating this future.

Here’s to You, Here’s to our city Here’s to Gloucester and Vitality!

"Make no little plans. They have no magic to stir men's blood and probably will not themselves be realized." - Daniel Hudson Burnham, FAIA (1846-1912) was an American architect and urban planner.
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