DISCLAIMER: These are private notes recorded by me, Roger Hussey, at the event,
of stuff that I MYSELF wanted to remember, NOT a complete record of the event.
Notes are roughly in chronological order, by speaker. 
DO NOT TRUST THE SPELLING. NOTE: some paragraphs are SPEAKERS, some are not.


1. ARCHITECT Richard Griffin Model: Oppenheim's "Exploratorium" opened in SanFran 1969. Art/science combo. 600K visitors/yr. 
Aiming for green, sustainable development -- using sun, wind, tide.
a. RECAP -- AKA "Buzzwords" -- concerns voiced by participants
b DESIGN MAP -- colored octopus-oid map of design aspects

4. ROGER HUSSEY Led by singing (off mike) that he's an opera singer
Main concern "10-ton secret gorilla" = CONDOS

5. GLOCESTER MUSEUM SCHOOL -- Jim started it 30+ years ago -- may move to this site.

6. MS SHAPIRO may move to this site.

7. JIM "SHOAL" GloHS Clam Shack enviro science project
Goal: economically viable site use -- 5-stars!
Aquaculture biz IS viable -- examples from west coast -- eg: propogate algae
Kids need to feel that they can WORK here and STAY here.

8. Sunny Robinson -- (centennial Ave) Citizens for Glo Harbor
Need Sr Housing options
SAFE -- likes Shapiro ideas
Futuristic training program for kids
(Against residential activities)
"Core working harbor" -- need to focus on marine industrial base, which will bring good, well-paying jobs
"The only things that need to be built on the waterfront EDGE are WORKING waterfront stuff"
"Don't TOURISTIFY the working waterfront" (APPLAUSE)

9. DONNA -- Glo native -- Prospect Ct
Likes FANUEIL hall approach -- maybe a museum school.
Major Q: tear this building down or preserve it?

10. Melissa Diamond -- Food Project Manager
Studies farmers markets -- helped found our FM
Move our FM here? -- SanFran has FM on pier.
Work with teens

11. Susan "Erinny" "Keep Glo on its historic path".
"Obsessed" with WPA era and artists' feelings of responsiblity.

12. MAC 3rd floor office in my (adjacent) building going begging
" EE = Economic Engine to drive the machine."
Tom Ellis has dream of 22-story beacon tower
Virgilio's a good example of SURVING in biz

13. SID FAHLZIK -- Site use must be YEAR ROUND
Don't lose the Gloucester traditions

14. Peter Reese -- been here 6 yrs, from W Mass
Likes Alexandria, VA's TORPEDO FACTORY on the Potomac.
A local art league intro'd an Art Center -- now 160 artists work & display there.
Stores and restaurants
1000 co-op members 2000 art students

15. Mort Rubin -- Rockport -- unpleasant point -- fishing can no longer
support Glo. I4C2 vacant -- "We can preserve fishing tradition only in the facade"
"Gruff voice hectoring" "Hybrid vigor" is our goal. Need "tolerance and accptance of change" Let Glo grow.
"Is this building REALLY a historic piece of GLO?"

16. DAVE ANDERSON from Black Swan -- 
Leads "Glo Downtown" (?) org represents 63 local biz
"Downtown biz's are STARVING"
Hard to compete w Salem, Newburypport, Portsmouth

16 storefronts empty (on Main st??) 4 biz recently failed
Lone Gull = model
Pro block-parties

17. JUDY DEMARIS -- Beach Court (?)
Grew up in Lawence
Lowell = good example of mill conversions
Watch out for Gentrification
With an enclosed building, you can shop in the winter
(RAH: arcades of Boulogne come to mind)

18. Ms ..SPENSER (large straw hat) In marketing -- at school w Mac

19. JEANNE GALLO -- here 15 years. Works with fishing community
"Fishing biz IS viable"
Suggest TESTING KITCHEN (with Legal Seafood) -- stopped by locals??
For ideas of Valery Nelson
Need to devlop HUB PORT -- Glo has the tools that fishing biz NEEDS.
TOURIST economy will NOT work for Glo.

20. Bob Whitmarsh Runs biz on Main St . 1893 his grampa came to Glo
Keep this building. Birdseye invented frozen food here. Need Public Access.

21. CATHY THOMPSON Cape Ann native, fishing family
Find the parts of New England harbor towns that WORK.
Starting biz to flash-freeze fish
GORGEOUS VIEW -- Roof-top is a draw.

22. Bill Johnson (20's ?)
Represents (?) working guys -- wants more local jobs
Glo needs more manufacturing, processing, research.

23. Janis BELL -- Need post Highschool learning here -- college or Univ'ty

24. Mary John Boylan -- Lanesville -- seeks "magical solutions"
Glo needs a way for us to work together.
Heal our communnity
Don't use cookie-cutter solutions.

25. Anon Community Developer Bad design can cost mega-$
THE END (transcribed 10aug09)