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The BirdsEye September 19 Focus Group 2 Synopsis:

The Saturday September 19 Meeting Summary Group 2 had 13 people who gathered to give their  ideas to answer the question "Looking to the future, what would an "ideal" Birdseye development look like?". The participants in the group varied widely in age and in backgrounds. They were self selected to participate in this focus group whose purpose was to capture ideas from interested community members on the future of the Bird's Eye project.

Ideas ranged from the principle-level conceptual to the concrete. Dominant themes wove around sustainability and energy efficiency, marine use, community space and ideas which could help in community development and youth learning. There were a number of comments centering on the potential for this project to generate significant tax revenue for the city of Gloucester, and how important that is given the current economic environment and needs of the city.

Our group first went around the table several times with ideas and they were written on a flip chart, then ideas were discussed and voted on. Each participant initially had 6 votes to distribute among the ideas.. The three most popular ideas getting the most votes with 9 votes: "Bio-Marine Research - Energy Efficient - Value Added Fish Products - Enhanced Marine Industries - Applied Research" with "Futuristic creative marine industrial focusing on renewable energy - Energy development" coming in second with 7 votes and "Outdoor Piazza - Gathering Place near the Beach - Community Focus" coming in on voting third with 6 votes. This voting represents the collective preferences of people in the room during this focus group.

  In summary, at a more general level, the ideas discussed seemed to be grouped into these 5 areas which members thought the Bird's Eye Development should focus on:

1) Food / Restaurant -
2) Artist live /work / Performance space
3) Energy / Green businesses
4) Educational - youth and learning
5) Marine / Industrial / Residential

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